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St. Louis, Peoria & Northern Railroad


    The Chicago, Springfield & St. Louis Railroad was the brainchild of one D. L. Wing.  Mr. Wing tried to get the Illinois Central Railroad to back the building of the road between Springfield and St. Louis in the early 1880's but failed.  While he was able to get a couple miles of the CS&StL built himself, it wasn't until the state of Illinois gave him a charter in 1885 that he was able to raise the funds to build the line, by now to known as the St. Louis & Chicago Railroad.  By early 1887, he had opened the StL&C from Springfield to Mt. Olive Illinois.  By 1889 though, the StL&C had defaulted and Wing was out.  Early in 1890, the railroad arose, this time under the name of the North & South Railroad of Illinois

   The section of the StLP&N between Mt. Olive and Alhambra Illinois was built by the St. Louis & Peoria Railroad Company in 1889.  

   The section between Alhambra and Glen Carbon was a coal road, the St. Louis & Eastern Railway, incorporated in 1889 and completed in 1893.  

   The final section, from Glen Carbon to Bridge Junction, was opened by the Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis in 1895.

   The StL&E was owned by a railroad entrepreneur named William Guy.  When the panic of the 1890's came along, Guy organized the St. Louis, Peoria & Northern Railroad in early 1896 to take over the N&S, StL&P, StL&E, and the CP&StL.  Through service between East St. Louis and Springfield was established soon thereafter.  And by early 1898, the line had been extended to Peoria.  However, soon thereafter, the railroad entered bankruptcy and the Springfield to East St. Louis portion was acquired by the IC.


Built:   1883-1895
Admitted:   1900
Fate:   Coming in the future.
Dedicated Links:  None Known
Source   Most of the data came from Carlton J. Corliss' 1950 book, Main Line of Mid-America

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