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St. Louis, Alton & Terre Haute Railroad


    Only part of the St. Louis, Alton & Terre Haute Railroad was brought into the Illinois Central Railroad.  The lines that did become part of the IC were from East St. Louis to Eldorado, Belleville to East Carondelet, and Pinckneyville to Metropolis/Brookport.

   The Belleville & Illinoistown Railroad was chartered on February 12, 1849.  It was completed between Illinoistown (East St. Louis) and Belleville by October of 1854.  It had become part of the StLA&TH by 1873.

   The Belleville & Southern Illinois Railroad was organized in February of 1857.  It was to build from Bellville to a connection with the IC somewhere in southern Illinois.  Like many railroads of this time, the Civil War intervened, and it wasn't until 1869 that track had been built to New Athens.  It finally reached its connection with the IC at Du Quoin in 1873, by which time it had become part of the StLA&TH.

   The Belleville & Eldorado Railroad was chartered on February 22nd, 1861.  However, nothing became of it until 1875.  By 1877, the line had reached West End from Eldorado, by which time funds had been expended.  It was completed to Du Quoin by 1880.  It had entered the StLA&TH system by 1883.

   The Carbondale & Shawneetown Railroad Company was promoted shortly after the Civil War.  The line from Carbondale to Marion was opened by 1872.  By 1883, the C&S found itself in the StLA&TH system.

   The St. Louis Coal Railroad built out of Carbondale in 1880.  In 1881, the St. Louis Central Railroad built south out Pinckneyville and connected with the StLC.  Both were part of the StLA&TH system by 1883 and were merged in 1886 to form the St. Louis Southern.

   In 1887, the StLA&TH organized the Chicago, St. Louis & Paducah Railroad to build from Marion to point opposite of Paducah Kentucky.  The line was completed to Metropolis and Brookport by 1889.

   The StLA&TH had always been a friendly road to the IC.  But by 1895 the road fell apart, and the IC acquired the parts mentioned above. 







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Source   Most of the data came from Carlton J. Corliss' 1950 book, Main Line of Mid-America

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