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Cedar River Railroad


   In 1858, a couple former IC men organize the Cedar Falls & Minnesota Railroad to build north from a point near Cedar Falls Iowa - Mona JCT.  By the end of the Civil War, the CF&M had reached Waverly.  

   In 1867, the Illinois Central Railroad leased the CF&M.  By 1870, the line had been pushed to the Minnesota border.  In 1897, the Staceyville Railroad builds a branch off the CF&M from Staceyville JCT to Staceyville and is promptly acquired by the IC.  

   Under the name Albert Lea & Southern Railroad, the line was completed from the state border to Glenville Minnesota in 1900.  The IC uses trackage rights to get from Glenville to Albert Lea.

   Jumping ahead 84 years, the Cedar Valley Railroad if formed from the IC's line from Mona to Albert Lea.  The CV declares bankruptcy some 6 plus years later and the Chicago, Central & Pacific Railroad begins operating the line in mid-1991.  On the last day of that year, the CC&P forms the Cedar River Railroad to operate the line.  In 1996, the CR is acquired by the IC when the IC acquires the CC&P.







 All of it is still operated.

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Source   Most of the data came from Carlton J. Corliss' 1950 book, Main Line of Mid-America

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