Other Links

Bloomer-Line-Railroad: A short line that has some former IC trackage.

CCPRR: Info on the Illinois Central "Chicago Central " Line.

Effingham Railroad Company: Home page for the industrial switching railroad.

Great American Station Foundation: Dedicated to preserving railroad "stations".

Gulf Mobile & Ohio: Some GM&O photos by Tim Vermande.

Jim's Railroad Page: Photos of the GM&O.

North American railroad frequencies: Lists the frequencies assigned to the railroads of North America.

National Railway Historical Society: North American reporting marks. Rail Links.

Railroad Station Historical Society: To encourage the preservation and growth of historical knowledge of railroad stations/depots and other railroad/railway structures worldwide.

RailSpot Locomotive Database: Site for search by loco type, serial and frame number, etc. 

Redeker's Railroad Photos: Terry's site has photos and Railfan Reports.

The Gulf Mobile & Ohio Pages: History & photos.

The U.S. Railroad Retirement Board: A suggestion for family members looking for information.

Tim's rail transit photos: Rail Photos from Stockholm, Sweden.