Vintage Photos

Central Station-Chicago: Two old postcards of Central Station in Chicago.

Crescent City Choo Choo: Two photos of the IC near New Orleans.

Illinois Central Bridge over C. M. & St. P. Railroad at Genoa, IL: An old postcard photo.

Illinois Central Depot : Old photograph of the IC depot in Havana, Illinois.

Muhlenberg County Library: Several old IC photos can be found here.

Steam Era Photos

El Paso, Illinois, Story: One photo of IC #1.

IC "Mountains": A photo of IC 2510 and a brief description.

IC 2542: 2542 IC Locomotive.

IC Mountain 2542: Richard Spencer has photos of the movement of IC 2542 in June of 2000.  

Illinois Central Berkshires: Information on IC's Berkshires.

Illinois Central Mountains: Information on IC's Mountains.

Illinois Central Steam : IC steam locomotive photos.

Yesteryear Depot Database - Illinois Central: Somewhat misleading as most of these appear to be photographs of old steam engines.

IC/G Era Photos

An IC model track plan for the "High-Dry": A model layout track plan and 3 ICG photos.

BKVP Illinois Central Gulf picture gallery: ICG photos at Fulton, Kentucky May, 1983.

Campbell Rice: ICG gallery by Campbell Rice.

Everything IC: Michael Seidelman hosts a server(!) for IC information.  Everything from track charts to models can be found here.

Fallen Flag and Shortline Railroad Photos: Photos contributed by a wide variety of sources can be found on George Elwood's site. 

Herron Rail: A number of photos spanning from steam to orange and gray.

Illinois Central SW13: Two photos and information about the IC's SW13 program.

Illinois Central SW14: Three photos and information about the ICG's SW14 program.

Illinois Central - Tim Vermande: About a dozen IC/G photos.

Jerry's Railroad Photo Album: About two-thirds down the page are 11 I.C.R.R. photos.

Mays Yard, Harahan, LA: 5 IC/ICG photos at Mays Yard in Louisiana.

Midsouth Rails Illinois Central Gulf Page: ICG Timetables, train schedules, and images. 

Mike Palmieri's Louisiana Rail Site: Mike has about 20 interesting IC/G photos.

New Image Era Photos

C&G GP11's: Several good photos of the three GP11's that went to the C&G.

Finn's Illinois Central Page: Some "New Image" IC photos.

Greg's Railroad Page: Focuses on WC, but with some IC photos as well.

Illinois Central Unofficial Home Page: Tom Parker's IC web.  Photos, Rosters, Train Symbols, Scans, Message Board, Steam Photos.

Illinois Central Railroad Photo Album: Recent photos of most IC units.

Illinois Central Photos: About 12 photos of recent IC diesels.

Illinois Central Photos: Several dozen recent locomotive photos from around the Freeport, IL area.

PH Junction: Some "New Image" photos.

Railroading Redneck Style: Photos of a wide variety of railroads.

Redeker's Railroad Photos: Terry's site has photos and Railfan Reports.

Train Junkie: A few "New Image" photos.

Electrics Photos

Former Illinois Central Cars: Three photos of Metra electric cars.

Illinois Central Suburban Multiple Units: Photos of equipment used in IC suburban service.

Misc. Photos

Abandoned Railroads of Mississippi: 3 photos of abandoned ICG lines in Mississippi.

Ex-Illinois Central Railroad Line: Some photos of an Ex-IC lines in Wisconsin.

Fairmont M9 motorcar: An IC motor car photo.

Gallery of Railroad Photos: Several varied IC photos can be found here.

IC Door Stuff Video: A short video of an IC boxcar.

Illinois Central RailMarine Terminal : Photos and Description of the Illinois Central RailMarine Terminal in St. James Parish, Louisiana.

Illinois Central Railroad Company Shares: A gallery of IC stock certificates from 1886 to 1947.

The Station Master:  Photos(structures). 

Wisconsin Historic Rail Connection: Two photos of an ex-IC tunnel.