Canadian National to acquire Illinois Central: Short coverage on the CN/IC merger announcement.

Guide to the Illinois Central Archives in the Newberry Library: A PDF file listing IC archives in the Newberry Library.

Hattiesburg History: A brief history of the IC.

How They Built the Railroads: A short essay on about the Illinois Central and the land grant that it received.  Ignore the 1950 date, should be 1850.

IC passenger service in Champaign-Urbana Illinois: History of IC passenger service in Champaign-Urbana Illinois.

Illinois Central Historical Society: Preserves the History of the Illinois Central Railroad. 

Illinois Vignettes: Several stories about the early IC. 

Lincoln and the Illinois Central Railroad: Short review of the Lincoln/IC link.

Military Expedition From Chicago To Cairo: A report of the movements of a civil war unit over the IC.

Railroad Archives: Short history of the IC.

Railroads in Southern Illinois: Information about the IC, with emphasis on Southern Illinois.

The Illinois Central Railroad: A brief history of the IC.

Water Valley Casey Jones Railroad Museum: Museum about Casey Jones.