JUST BECAUSE the situation appears hopeless,


JUST BECAUSE your friends and allies desert you,


JUST BECAUSE your morale is low,


JUST BECAUSE everyone says that you should quit,


JUST BECAUSE your back is against the wall,


JUST BECAUSE there is no safe way out,


JUST BECAUSE you can’t see a way to win,


And JUST BECAUSE the cost will be too high if you continue,


it doesn’t mean that you should give up!  Especially if you feel in your heart that you have to go on or you know that your cause is a just cause.  It doesn’t mean that you won’t lose.  It doesn’t mean that it won’t cost you everything that you hold dear.  Those things will probably happen.  All that said, there are many situations in the past that people found themselves in that were just as dark and grim.  And some of those souls decided to go against all the odds, against all the world, and against everyone’s sound advice, and still, some how some way, managed to come out victorious.  Why did they succeed in a situation that they had no right to do anything but to lose?  JUST BECAUSE they refused, time and again, to give up when everyone, including themselves, thought “that all was lost.”

                                                                                                                     Thomas French, June 2010