The first attempt at catching the City of New Orleans and the depot resulted in failure due to two units being assigned instead of the typical one.  This shot (like the one below) has been highly lightened but shows a depth of detail here-to-fore unimagined by me for a digital night shot.  Around midnight.


A better idea of what could have been accomplished if there had only been the typical single unit.


Around 11:00 PM.  Sadly, that red light is from a badly placed cell tower.


About 5:45 AM


While taking the shot above, this train passed by.  No time to change settings, just a grab shot that turned out.


A rare sight these days, four B-B units.


This is a 15 second exposure.  I should have made it 30.


IC 9617 with its under-the-arm Operation Lifesaver logo.  Even with this larger photo, much of the detail is being lost.


A shot of the Mattoon IC depot.

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