First Train Through Mattoon Subway Cut, July 20th, 1914

On July 20th, 1914, Extra 1686, consisting of 69 cars and a caboose steamed through the north cut at Mattoon, Illinois.  The north bound main having been opened at seven that morning.  Work digging the cut had started in earnest on April 6th, 1914.  This photo was taken from a temporary wood bridge across Broadway Avenue that carpenters would have to tear down and rebuild each time a steam shovel would have to pass through enlarging the cut.  Additional details provided by Bill Lair, via the Journal Gazette & Times-Courier. 


It is very difficult to tell that this is the same location.  It was even more difficult to get the same vantage point from the same location, but different bridge.  P392 was 12 minutes late.


Paul Burgess captured the train from the opposite direction. 


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